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Matteo Di Giovanni – I wish the world was even 19:00
Matteo Di Giovanni – I wish the world was even @ Micamera
Nov 27 2019 @ 19:00 – Jan 4 2020 @ 19:30
Matteo Di Giovanni - I wish the world was even @ Micamera
MATTEO DI GIOVANNI I WISH THE WORKD WAS EVEN exhibition opening Wednesday, November 27  _ 7pm through January 4th, 2020 I wish the world was even is a travel diary.
 Matteo Di Giovanni travels north by car, cutting Europe vertically, through the winter. In his story, people never appear. Obviously he met many in the two months of travel, and in truth he had not even left alone. But in the four years that separate this book from the physical journey that took him from Milan to the North Cape and back, he edited the work several times and people gradually disappeared. He, a view camera, a 6×7 and the equipment needed to shoot in rather extreme conditions – for the increasingly lower temperatures and shorter hours of light. In the long hours of darkness, when photographing was no longer possible. In a box in the back seat, a stove and the ever- present Moka pot. To look at the world through the eyes of Matteo means,
 in the first place, to be always immersed in the landscape, and to see it flowing along the sides of the road. The only image of an interior opens the sequence, and is also the only vertical: a bed and a forest wallpaper. We are then driven outside to face the journey. We learn to take a certain distance from what appears in front of us. Neither too far nor too close. A sort of safety distance that takes 
in a rather large picture while, at the same time, revealing an irresistible curiosity to look better and get closer. Barriers and obstacles inevitably turn up. They are met and overcome. We need to start looking for a new direction, to reinvent a path. At this point it is clear that the journey is interior and the landscape is a pretext. I wish the world was even is the result of the journey in which Matteo tested himself and returned to being a photographer. Giulia Zorzi – from the essay that accompanies the book     THE BOOK Matteo Di Giovanni I wish the world was even Artphilein Editions, 2019 design: Emiliano Biondelli essay: Giulia Zorzi English, limited edition of 500 copies get your signed copy here       Matteo Di Giovanni (Pescara, 1980) Di Giovanni graduated in Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome and  started working with photography during the University years. He then moved to London, where he started working as a photographer for magazines such as The Economist, Red Pepper Magazine, Slowfood Magazine, Hesamag. He also worked as an assistant for Jeff Lipsky and Simon Roberts, who both had a strong influence on him. In 2010 he joined the Photography course at the Westminster University of London, and achieved the MA in 2012 with a work about Bosnian national identity 20 years after the Balkan War, under the guidance of  Max Houghton, David Campany, Colin Jacobson and Ian Dennings. While working in Bosnia, he was involved in a severe car accident, which radically changed his perception of space. He moved to Milan in 2014 after a long period of rehabilitation, and started working on long term projects related to landscape and human relations within the space. From that moment, he started a close collaboration with Micamera, which allowed him to meet authors such as Lucas Foglia, Gus Powell, Dana Lixeberg and many others. These encounters offered him the chance to concentrate on long-term projects related to the landscape and its perception, the interaction between humans and space and the road-trip as gnoseological experience. His first body of work, I wish the world was even, was released by Artphilein Editions in 2019. He is now focusing on a new body of work called Blue Bar, dealing with uncertainty and using the Delta region of the Po’ (Italy’s longest river) as a metaphor.            
British Photography and the Photobook 19:00
British Photography and the Photobook @ Micamera
Jan 17 @ 19:00 – Feb 15 @ 19:00
British Photography and the Photobook @ Micamera
  British Photography and the Photobook an exhibition and a pop-up store in the time of BREXIT exhibition opening on Friday, January 17 at 7pm Ken Grant and Tracy Marshall will attend the opening reception through February 15 in collaboration with Ulster University, Northern Narratives and RRB Photobooks. Works by Chris Killip, Mark Neville, Clementine Schneidermann & Charlotte James, Ken Grant, Sebastian Bruno, Markéta Luskačová, Jim Mortram, Ewen Spencer and Kirsty Mackay. Pop-up store of RRB Photobooks and a selection of other British publishers The exhibition is curated by Ken Grant and Tracy Marshall   Photography is good with the surface of things, but we’re in a time when we need to try to reach further. I’m interested in the soul of things – and you have to work a bit harder to find that. – Ken Grant At a time of flux in Britain, the sense of a how a polarised nation has reached this moment can be seen in some of the most important photography to emerge since the 1970’s. From Ewen Spencer’s work with music culture in inner London, to Clementine Schneidermann’s and Charlotte James’ collaboration with the youth of the Welsh Valleys, a new humanism and closer engagement with communities has led to ground breaking work. Whilst drawing on the energy of the documentary series achieved a generation before, new work by Kirsty Mackay and Mark Neville move narratives forward with innovation, purpose…. and even anger. This exhibition introduces some key approaches to working strategy and new publishing that prevail amongst those looking at Britain. In a time of Brexit, new bodies of work sit in conversation with landmark series that have defined our understanding of British documentary and the photobook in the modern age.     **************************** PORTFOLIO REVIEWS ON SATURDAY JAN 18 AND SUNDAY JAN 19     Ken Grant and Tracy Marshall will be available for portfolio reviews on Saturday, January 18 and Sunday, January 19 when: 4-7 pm cost: 30€ / 20 minutes It is possible to book a review with publisher Rudi Thoemmes, who will be in Milan only on Sunday, January 19 To book a review, send an email to giulia@micamera.com photo: Ken Grant, from Benny Profane         Ken Grant  was born in Liverpool in 1967. Since the 1980’s he has photographed his contemporaries in the city and engaged in sustained projects both in the UK and wider Europe. A first book of the Liverpool pictures, The Close Season, was published by Dewi Lewis Publishing in 2002 and another, No Pain Whatsoever was published in Sweden by Gosta Flemming/ Journal. Each book was made over years, with the cooperation of those he photographed. He continues to work on long-term projects and a recent outcome, the book Flock was published by APB Dublin in 2014. A fourth monograph, A Topical Times for These Times/ A book of Liverpool Football was published in 2016 by RRB Publishing. In 2018/19 Photographs from this series were exhibited in the UK and Europe. For the last decade, Ken Grant has been working in collaboration with organisations in the region and wider Europe around themes of nourishment, sustainability and working class culture. His series ‘Something in spite of everything’, made in cooperation with Liverpool YMCA is moving towards completion in 2020. His latest book, Benny Profane was published in 2019. Ken Grant’s photographs are held in important collections of photography, including those of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Folkwang Museum Essen and other significant international public and private collections. He currently teaches Photography at Belfast School of Art, where he leads two MFA Photography programmes (online and campus) and works as a senior researcher. Tracy Marshall is an Arts Director specialising in the production of photography exhibitions, festivals, education projects and workshops. She is Director of Northern Narratives- the non venue based photography production company- and was previously Director of LOOK Photo Biennial, Open Eye Gallery Liverpool and Belfast Exposed Gallery in Northern Ireland. Tracy also curates international exhibitions, working with established and emerging photographers. She has a rich background in the role and vitality of photographic archives, which inspires much of her work. An intrinsic part of her curatorial work is the development of projects which seek to harness retrospective series of work from international photographers and set them alongside the work of emerging photographers. Her vision for her curation being the innovative and inspiring opportunities this creates for the viewer, the photographer and the photographic sector. Rudi Thoemmes. German born Bristol based publisher and bookseller specialising in Documentary photography. Recent publications by RRB Photobooks include Krass Clement, Marketa Luskacova, Ken Grant, Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. Apart from publishing, Rudi also represents Amak Mahmoodian, Peter Mitchell and John Myers. He is also involved as a Trustee/Director with several Photography organisations including the Martin Parr Foundation and Photobook Bristol which he founded.        
Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual 19:00
Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual @ Micamera
Jan 23 @ 19:00 – 21:00
Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual @ Micamera
FLEE, Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual Talk by Alan Marzo and Olivier Duport, co-founders of FLEE and editors of the project Talk, projection and audio session Mixing contemporary art and anthropology, popular music and vanguard electronic sounds, «Tarantismo: Odissey of an Italian Ritual» tells the story of a centuries-old choreo-musical ritual from Southern Italy, mobilizing frenetic rhythms and maniac dances, to exorcise women of a mysterious evil caused by the bite of a spider. Trans-disciplinary, this effort of documentation and artistic re-interpretation of one Europe’s most mysterious trance phenomenon is comprised of a LP vinyl compilation and a hardcover Italian/English book. While the LP captures original field recordings of musicians-exorcists registered by Diego Carpitella, Ernesto de Martino and Alan Lomax in the late 1950’s as well as six unique reworks by contemporary vanguard electronic musicians: Bjorn Torske & Trym Søvdsnes (NO), LNS (CA), UFFE (DK), KMRU (KE), Bottin (IT), and Don’t DJ (DE), the hard cover book focuses on various dimensions of the ritual. Indeed, including the work of witnesses, experts or actors of the history of this music exorcism, the book contains the contributions and exclusive work of photographers Chiara Samugheo and Mattia Zoppellaro, movie director Edoardo Winspeare, conceptual artist Pamela Diamante, as well as intellectuals and scholars like Claudia Attimonelli, Luigi Chiriatti, Salvatore Bevilacqua and Gino Di Mitri. Through art commissions, re-interpreted audio-archives and photography, «Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual» seeks to understand what is left from an archaic trance ritual in nowadays’ society. Likewise, it questions the role and legitimacy of contemporary practices aimed at using popular heritage as a creative artistic fabric, a sensitive subject which will also be discussed with the project’s curators in the framework of the presentation. FLEE, Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual Book and LP, 2019 B/W and color photographs Text: english and italian cost: 55€ book + LP vinyl 32€ book 32€ buy it here   FLEE is a cultural engineering platform dedicated to the documentation and enhancement of hybrid cultures. Functioning as a record label, publishing house and exhibition organizer, it was founded by Alan Marzo, Olivier Duport and Carl Åhnebrink. For each issue, FLEE will release a vinyl record along with a printed magazine helping its audience to fully grasp the essence of the movements highlighted. fleeproject.com

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