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Michael Wolf and Peperoni Books pop-up store 19:00
Michael Wolf and Peperoni Books pop-up store @ Micamera - lens based arts
Jun 24 @ 19:00 – Jul 22 @ 19:00
MICHAEL WOLF – HONG KONG BACK ALLEY PEPERONI BOOKS POP-UP STORE opening on Friday, June 24th at 7pm workshop on Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th through Friday, July 22nd Peperoni Books is back with a pop up store and an exhibition by artist Michael Wolf. What is a pop-up store. Pop-up stores aim at highlighting the work of publishers that we believe are particularly significant and at underlining the positive relationship between an artist and his imprint, showing his work exhibited on the wall and published in the book. They are an opportunity meeting both the publisher and the artist. In June, Micamera will host Peperoni Books, a passionate Berlin-based imprint founded and directed since 2004 by Hannes Wanderer. Born to parents who owned a printing company, Wanderer’s activities today include, besides publishing, also teaching and running a bookshop and a blog (25 books). Together with the books, Micamera will host a little exhibition by Michael Wolf with works from the Hong Kong Back Alley series, showing a different, underground map of Hong Kong and its vernacular culture through alleyways and backyards, along with a selection of images of Hong Kong’s tall buildings as architectural patterns. Two screens will complete the installation.  Both Wolf and Wanderer will be in Milan for the opening and will teach a 2-day-workshop together. The workshop will allow a limited number of participants to work on their photo / editorial project. (read more about the workshop here) Among the works exhibited: This is the second time that Micamera hosts Peperoni Books. Since then, two Italian authors have published their books: Alessandro Pardi (Tangenziale) and the newly released book by Ilaria Turba, JEST. Peperoni Books has released over 100 titles. Among them, books by worldwide known artists as well as newcomers from Europe, Asia, Russia and the USA. No catalogues, no artist portfolios, but each an individually designed book with a topic – artistic, documentary, poetic, serial, without words or with extended text records by assorted  writers. Relevant topics of contemporary history can be found as well as very personal work dealing with family and friends. Very often, books are the result of a close relationship between publisher and author. A good example is the collaboration with Michael Wolf, born in Germany but living in Hong Kong. Together, they have produced seventeen titles in seven years. Among them, Hong Kong Inside Outside (then Architecture of Density), Tokyo Compression,  A Series of Unfortunate Events (the first to use images from Google Street View) and the series of ‘mini guides ’ of Hong Kong. Michael Wolf  published his first volumes with Steidl and Aperture.  HANNES WANDERER Hannes Wanderer was born in Hameln 1958. His parents ran a printing press so that Hannes Wanderer was in touch with printed matter from the very start. In 1979 he completed his training as a prepress expert and as such worked for several companies in Berlin for two decades. In 1997 he co-founded the Peperoni Advertising Agency where he was responsible for concept, text, graphic design and photography for many different customers. 2004 he founded the publishing house Peperoni Books and the first Peperoni-title Time Out was released – his own project. Since 2009 Hannes Wanderer also runs the photobookstore with showroom 25books as well as the associated webshop and a blog. In addition to the regular publication of photography books, all of which are printed by family printing press Wanderer, Hannes Wanderer gives lectures and workshops for Ostkreuz and the New School for Photography in Berlin, HAW Hamburg, Hartford Art School, Rodchenko School, Moscow, and at various Photobook Festivals.  MICHAEL WOLF Wolf was born in Munich, Germany and lives in Hong Kong. The focus of the German photographer Michael Wolf’s work is life in mega cities. Many of his projects document the architecture as well as the  vernacular culture of metropolises. Wolf grew up in Canada, Europe and the United States, studying at UC Berkeley and at the Folkwang School with Otto Steinert in Essen, Germany. He moved to Hong Kong in 1994 where he worked for 8 years as contract photographer for Stern magazine.  Since 2001, Wolf has been focusing on his own projects, many of which have been published as books . Wolf’s work has been exhibited in numerous locations, including the Venice Bienniale for Architecture, the Sao Paulo Biennial for Architecture,  Aperture Gallery, New York;  Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tampere, Finland, Museum for Work in Hamburg, Germany, Kestner Museum, Hannover, Germany, Folkwang Museum, Germany, the Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennial, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago.  His work is held in many permanent collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, the San Jose Museum of Art, California; the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; Museum Folkwang, Essen and the German Museum for Architecture, Frankfurt, the Heritage Museum, HK. He has won first prize in the World Press Photo Award Competition on two occasions (2005 & 2010) and an honorable mention (2011.)   In 2010, Wolf was shortlisted for the Prix Pictet photography prize. He has published more than 22 photo books including More HK Informal Seating Arrangements (Peperoni Books, 2015), HK Umbrella (Peperoni Books, 2015), HK Informal Seating Arrangements (Peperoni Books, 2015), HK Flora (Peperoni Books, 2014),  HK Trilogy (Peperoni Books, 2013),  Small God Big City (Hong Kong University Press, 2013),  Bottrop Ebel 1976 (Peperoni Books 2012), Tokyo Compression Three (Peperoni Books/Asia One 2012), Architecture of Density (Peperoni Books/Asia One 2012),  Hong Kong Corner Houses  (Hong Kong University Press, 2011),  Portraits (Superlabo, Japan, 2011), Tokyo Compression Revisited (Peperoni Books/Asia One 2011),  Real Fake Art  (Peperoni Books/Asia One 2011)  FY  (Peperoni Books, 2010),  A Series of Unfortunate Events (Peperoni Books, 2010), Tokyo Compression (Peperoni Books/Asia One 2010), Hongkong Inside Outside (Asia One/Peperoni Books, 2009), The Transparent City (Aperture, 2008) and Sitting in China (Steidl, 2002). links: Michael Wolf Peperoni Books 25 books
Juan Carlos Alom – CUBA. Tatuare la storia al PAC 19:00
Juan Carlos Alom – CUBA. Tatuare la storia al PAC @ PAC - Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea
Jul 12 @ 19:00 – 22:30
Juan Carlos Alom Habana Solo and Diario July 12th,  2016 – 7pm screening ( 53′) + guided visit with the exhibition’s curators Diego Sileo and Giacomo Zaza in collaboration with Micamera TATUARE LA STORIA (Tattooing History) is the exhibition that has recently opened at PAC (the Contemporary Art Pavillon) in Milan. The PAC in Milan explores foreign cultures through contemporary art, drawing for the 2016 a guideline on Cuban art, both inside and outside the island, incorporating artists from different generations active from the 1970s onwards. Tattooing History means leaving a mark on a shared identity of Cuba, the metaphor itself for the meeting of cultures flowing into a Creole and tropical horizon, a “mirage” of an utopian but intrinsically contradictory world. ARTISTS Juan Carlos Alom, Tania Bruguera, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Javier Castro, Celia-Yunior, Colectivo Enema, Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo, Ángel Delgado, Humberto DÍaz, Carlos Garaicoa, Luis Gárciga, Luis Gómez Armenteros, Antonio Gómez Margolles, Félix González-Torres, Grupo Arte Calle, Ricardo Miguel Hernández, Tony Labat, Reynier Leyva Novo, Ernesto Leal, Los Carpinteros, Meira Marrero & José Toirac, Carlos Martiel, Ana Mendieta, Reinier Nande, Glexis Novoa, Marta MarÍa Pérez Bravo, Eduardo Ponjuán,  Wilfredo Prieto, Grethell Rasúa, René Francisco Rodriguez, Lázaro Saavedra, Tonel. This evening, organized by PAC in collaboration with Micamera, is dedicated to the screening of two works by artist and photographer Juan Carlos Alom. For this special occasion, Micamera will bring a dedicated selection of books. TO PARTICIPATE Single ticket  € 4 / cumulative ticket € 8 Exhibition closes at 10.30pm, last admission 9.30pm

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