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Stefano Carnelli – Transumanza 18:30
Stefano Carnelli – Transumanza @ Micamera - lens based arts
Mar 1 @ 18:30 – Mar 11 @ 19:00
BOOK PRESENTATION + EXHIBITION OF PRINTS STEFANO CARNELLI TRANSUMANZA presentation / opening: Wednesday March 1st – 6.30pm prints on view through March 11  Transumanza follows the seasonal journey of the last walking shepherds in Northern Italy, through a territory very different from the bucolic pastoral landscape one would expect. They move their flocks on foot from the highly urbanised Pó Valley to the pristine alpine mountains following routes that on first sight may look linear and straightforward, but are instead traced only by generations of custom, and require continuous adaptation. New roads, new buildings or even new crops constantly modify their path so that every year the journey is, by nature, similar to the previous one but, by necessity, never identical. The flocks are now larger than in the past, between 1000 and 1500 sheep each, due to a changed economic model where the wool is not cost-effective anymore. Instead, the meat has replaced wool in a market mainly directed towards the growing Muslim community. Transumanza shows a scenario in flux where the clash between Local and Global, tradition and innovation suggests an alternative mapping of this complex urban and social environment. The book: Stefano Carnelli – Transumanza Peperoni Books, 2016 136 Pages, 30×24 cm 67 Color images Clothbound hardcover with tipped in image and embossed title Essay by Monica Sassatelli English, Italian cost: 42€ buy your copy here Stefano Carnelli was born in Milan (1977) and lived in Lisbon and Barcelona before moving to London in 2013. With a background in architecture and urban planning, he has come to believe that cities, to a good degree, eventually end up shaping themselves in a continuous transformation and re-confirmation process that deeply affects concepts like identity, belongingness and sense of community. His desire to understand and document this phenomenon is the reason he first started using photography to implement his theoretical work, starting with landscape and architecture pictures of the city, to then focus on its inhabitants and their relation to the environment they live in. Photography, he believes, is the most effective tool to capture the essence of the transformations we endure, deciphering the complexity of the world we live in. …………. Opening reception with Stefano Carnelli on Wednesday, March 1st from 6.30 to 8.30pm Micamera – via Medardo Rosso, 19 / Milan, Italy Isola neighbourhood / underground MM5 Isola, MM2 Garibaldi (exit via Pepe), MM3 Zara open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-1pm and 4-7pm or by appointment ph: +39 02 4548 1569 / email: [email protected] the on-line bookstore is here
JEST / FROM THE EYES TO THE STARS @ Micamera - lens based arts
Mar 22 @ 10:00 – Mar 25 @ 19:00
ILARIA TURBA JEST /  FROM THE EYES TO THE STARS Constellations & limited edition showcase March 22nd-25th PERFORMANCE March 23rd at 6.30 The special edition of JEST (Peperoni Books, 2016) consists of 33 copies, numbered and signed. Each copy carries a burnt page and is wrapped up in a silk blue cloth, that has been printed by the artists through a 20 minutes exposure (similarly to a blueprint).  Each copy is therefore unique. The printed image is a JEST star map. Each star corresponds to an image in the book, and stars form place-related constellations (Africa, Tuscany, United States, Japan…) The special edition showcase will include the display of the 9 constellations on the gallery walls. Both the special edition and the constellation prints are for sale at Micamera and cost 220€ and 120€ respectively . . The stars derive from the hippies luminescent eyes, an image that is also in the book. As all JEST-book-experience relates to the acts of observing, remembering, closing and opening the eyes, the hippies image is a symbol of the work itself. The images in JEST belong to the artist’s family archive, but refer to a collective universe. . click on the image to see the .gif . THE PERFORMANCE Thursday, March 23rd at 6.30pm JEST card reading Similarly to a fortune-teller, Ilaria Turba will read a JEST story/card to each visitor.   JEST (Peperoni Books, 2016) JEST gathers five generations of  photographs from one family archive, and spans across a time frame ranging from 1870 up to now. It all began with the accidental fall of two images: the launch of Apollo 11 and a woman embracing a shotgun. JEST is a playful act, a joke. ILARIA TURBA (Como, 1978) is a visual artist working mainly with photography, video and animation to create artworks, installations, site specific projects and communication projects. Her work is the result of a personal experience that frequently intertwines visual experimentation with other disciplines like social science, performative art, oral history and is often the result of a partecipative process. Over the last years, she has frequently worked with teenagers and children. Identity and collective imaginary, the relationship between present and memory through objects, photographs, stories and places are the main themes of her experience. JEST is her first monograph and is connected to eight performative actions. JEST ON TOUR After Micamera (Milan, Italy) the JEST-special edition-TOUR will hit Berlin on April 7 at 25 Books. they have talked about JEST Raffaele Vertaldi – IL Magazine (Il Sole 24 Ore) Chiara Bardelli Nonino – VOGUE.it  
Takashi Homma – booksigning 19:00
Takashi Homma – booksigning @ Micamera - lens based arts
Mar 22 @ 19:00 – 20:30
BOOKSIGNING TAKASHI HOMMA THE NARCISSISTIC CITY Micamera, Wednesday, March 22nd _ 7pm   Takashi Homma’s The Narcissistic City is one of the most interesting titles published by MACK in 2016. On Wednesday, March 22nd at 7pm Homma will be at Micamera to sign the copies of his book. As Hannes Wanderer writes: (This work) is a remake of the Beatles song ›REVOLUTION 9‹. Released 1968 on the ›White Album‹ ›Revolution 9‹ is a wild collage of sound snippets, tape loops, repetitive sound and text components, desperate shouting, stacked and layered, forward and backward playing fragments and pure noise – John Lennon´s vision of how the revolution might feel when it really happens. Homma used a pinhole camera to photograph various cities in the US and Japan. Buy your signed copy here – and see other titles by Homma here       Homma will be in Milan to open his first solo exhibition at Viasaterna gallery on the previous day. The show, curated by Fantom, will include a new series realized in Milan and will be open through May 26th. Info here. Takashi Homma is a Japanese photographer. He was exhibited in a major retrospective show at the 21st-Century Museum of Kanazawa and at the Tokyo City Opera Art Gallery.     Takashi Homma, Milan Skyline, 2017 _ courtesy Viasaterna
Micamera Photography Masterclass 10:00
Micamera Photography Masterclass
Mar 25 @ 10:00 – Mar 26 @ 18:00
Micamera Photography Masterclass Seeing is Believing with Joakim Eskildsen, Hannes Wanderer, Giulia Zorzi Micamera organizes a long term photo learning class for a limited number of students. We have been organizing and hosting workshops for many years now. They have been the starting point for a number of works we have then seen published and exhibited, and for many collaborations. We always intended Micamera as a breeding ground for visual culture, a place where you can find books for your inspiration, meet other authors and people who share your interest in photography and art. Now, while keping the ‘classic’ workshop structure, we felt the need to organize a long-term class, that would meet on a regular basis, allowing the students to work on their projects in between. It will consist of 5 weekends over a period of 8 months + 5 individual, dedicated meetings, to be organized according to the students’ needs (in Milan or via Skype). From the definition of each participant’s visual language and photographic approach, to the realization and editing of the work, from postproduction to sequencing in the book, from making the book dummy to the possibility of transforming it into a published and distributed book, the workshop at Micamera will cover all the different aspects involved in the making of a personal project. The workshop will be led by a photographer: Joakim Eskildsen – a publisher: Hannes Wanderer (Peperoni Books) and a tutor: Giulia Zorzi (Micamera), to accompany the students all the way to the realization of a personal project. CALENDAR: 25-26 March with Joakim Eskildsen 29-30 April with Joakim Eskildsen 3-4 June with Joakim Eskildsen 23-24 September with Joakim Eskildsen 28-29 October with Hannes Wanderer (Peperoni Books) + 5 individual meetings with Giulia Zorzi, to set according to your needs where: Milano, Micamera / via Medardo Rosso, 19 language: English how many students: maximum 13 tuition: 2000€ info: [email protected] or [email protected] Giulia Zorzi: +39 02 4548 1569 (Micamera) or +39 335 6817 917 (mobile) TEACHERS JOAKIM ESKILDSEN – PHOTOGRAPHER ——–Joakim Eskildsen (portrait) and an image taken in Val Trebbia in 2012   Joakim Eskildsen will teach the first 4 weekends. Eskildsen has already taught at Micamera: in 2012 he led the first edition of our summer camps along the river Trebbia. It requires discipline to stay optimistic. I try to collect photographs of a world that I can believe in, that gives me hope and moments of magic. – Joakim Eskildsen ——–Joakim Eskildsen, two images from American Realities I shoot very few images – surely much less than any person around –  though I am constantly interested in the possibilities. Slow is good for me. When I will be gone, I wish I could have left behind something testifying all what I thought was wonderful. So I concentrate on things giving me strenght. We are here, and the world is an amazing beautiful place. If we keep looking at the wonderful things in this world maybe we will save it. Love must be romantic and passionate. Without feeling, I do not wanna live, I do not wanna look at things. (from an interview to GEO magazine) ——–Joakim Eskildsen, two images from The Roma Journeys   Joakim Eskildsen Joakim Eskildsen (born 1971 in Copenhagen) studied the art of producing photographic books with Jyrki Parantainen and Pentti Sammallahti at Helsinki’s Art and Design University and then went on to create various successful projects, achieving fame in 2007 with his book The Roma Journeys”, an account of his six-year journey inside the world and culture of the Roma people. The book is the result of an extensive project realized together with writer Cia Rinne and features an introduction by Gũnter Grass and a music CD. A photographic work evoking the tradition of great photojournalism, which stands out thanks to the strong characterization of both its aims and contents. Joakim Eskildsen has published 9 books, and 3 more are in the process: future publications: Home Works – (due in 2019) Nordic Signs –  new and revised edition of the first book, published in 1995  (due in 2018) Cuba – (due in 2017) published books: American Realities, book, texts by Natasha del Toro and Barbara Kiviat, Steidl Publishers, Göttingen 2016 
The Roma Journeys, book, texts by Cia Rinne and Günter Grass, Steidl Publishers, Göttingen 2007 (second edition in 2009) Orientation, exhibition catalogue, Iserlohn 2003 al-Madina, Opus 39, portfolio, in collaboration with Pentti Sammallahti, and Kristoffer Albrecht, text by Cia Rinne, Helsinki 2002 
iChickenMoon, Opus 38, text by Cia Rinne, Helsinki 1999 
Træer, Opus 32, portfolio, Helsinki 1997 
Meknès Opus 34, portfolio, Helsinki 1997 Bluetide, Opus 33, book, text by Cia Rinne, Helsinki 1997 
Nordic Signs, Opus 29, book , Helsinki 1995 for his books please see here or ask the bookseller: [email protected] ——–Joakim Eskildsen, two images from  Home Works Eskildsen is an author who has taken up the challenge of transforming ‘ordinary’ topics into unique projects; in Home Works, the subject is his own family and his life. His work has been widely exhibited – for his biography please visit his website. A world I can believe in is a retrospective that presented the author’s work as a process, from the contact sheets to the work copies, exhibition prints and sketch books of seven book projects – the exhibition was hosted at the National Museum pf Photography in Copenhagen, Denmark (May 2016 – January 2016), at the FO.KU.S-Foto Kunst Stadtforum in Innsbruck, Austria (March-May 2016) and at Strandverket, Marstrand, Sweden (March-May 2016).   HANNES WANDERER – EDITORE Peperoni Books (Giulia Zorzi and Hannes Wanderer in 2015, in Milan) Hannes Wanderer is the founder and director of Peperoni Books. When the first Peperoni Book ›Time Out‹ was published in 2004, it was not clear if further books would follow. But the feedback was that good that Hannes Wanderer – electrified by his passion for photography and well-made books – could not say no, when Stefan Canham, Marei Wenzel, Iris Czak, Henrik Spohler and others presented their excellent projects. You won’t[...]
Martin Bogren – Italia 19:00
Martin Bogren – Italia @ Micamera - lens based arts
Mar 29 @ 19:00 – Apr 15 @ 19:00
Wednesday, March 29th at 7pm MARTIN BOGREN: ITALIA book presentation / exhibition through April 15 Between 2013 and 2015, Swedish photographer Martin Bogren travelled extensively through Italy – particularly in Naples, Palermo, Rome – creating a lyrical, timeless black-and-white body of work. As Sean O’Hagan wrote on The Guardian,  In a way…Italia is an interrogation of street photography. Partly exhibited at the Fotografia Festival in Rome in 2016, this body of work has been released in 2016 by Swedish publisher Max Ström Bokförlaget – see and purchase your copy here Been walking around aimlessly for days now. Street after street. With a heavy heart, and loneliness as a constant companion. I’ve forgotten why I’m here and what I’m doing. A camera clutched in my hand, increasingly fearful, with a cowardly posture. ….A presence and intensity fill me – a connection with the people around me. I feel their energy and their vibrations. The subtlest shift in expressions, movements in hands and in gestures. Everything is given a meaning. – Martin Bogren, Italia Martin Bogren‘s work is widely exhibited and he has published several monographs; his books Ocean and Tractor Boys became instant classics in recent photobook history. Martin Bogren is based in Malmö, in 2013 he joined Galerie VU´ in Paris. His artworks can be purchased also at Micamera. Martin Bogren will be at Micamera on Wednesday, March 29th at 7pm to open the exhibition of Italia. Martin will not teach  a workshop but will be available for portfolio reviews – if interested, please email [email protected] for further information.    

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