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Oct 25 @ 19:00 – Nov 23 @ 19:00
JEFF MERMELSTEIN HARDENED – book launch and exhibition world premiere Oct 25 – Nov 23, 2019 Micamera, Milan A world of everyday neurosis, minor catastrophe, panic, charm, indiscretion, revelation, fallen pride, deflated bravado, pricked narcissism, and unexpected affection. In a culture in which seemingly everything is contrived for the camera, it is heartening, and horrifying, to see what it looks like when it doesn’t think it is being photographed, or at least photographed the way Jeff Mermelstein does it. – David Campany, from HARDENED Jeff Mermelstein is a street photography icon based in New York. After a long successful career using the iconic Leica, over the past few years Mermelstein has been using only his mobile phone (which he says has enabled a ‘reinvention of the snapshot, a game-changer’), posting images on his Instagram feed. HARDENED, released by UK-based publisher Mörel Books and launched at Micamera on October 25, 2019 – gathers 305 pictures taken over two years, edited and sequenced by curator, writer and artist David Campany culled from more than 700 photographs. The book is an overwhelming, full-bleed, raw representation of the human condition made mostly on the streets of New York. Mermelstein is a voyeur with a startling sense of humour, capturing the extraordinary and the beauty out of the banal. Reflecting upon the ease and superficiality of social media connection, HARDENED is a break-through, showing the work by a photographer-anthropologist of our digitalised age. The book launch will be accompanied by an installation of all 305 photographs in the gallery. Jeff Mermelstein will attend the opening on October 25 and sign the copies of the book. A workshop will follow over the weekend (Oct 26+27)     JEFF MERMELSTEIN HARDENED Mörel Books Limited Edition of 750 350 Pages 30.8 x 22 cm     PREORDERS  → 50€ BOOK LAUNCH PRICE → 55€ REGULAR PRICE → 60€ get your signed copy!   BIOGRAPHY Mermelstein was born in 1957 and studied at Rutgers College and the International Center of Photography. He is faculty member at the International Center of Photography in New York since 1988, winner of the Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellowship and the European Publishers Award for Photography. One of his images is on the cover of ‘Street photography: A History In 100 iconic images’ (Prestel, 2019 – curated by David Gibson), and his work is included in various books and exhibitions including, David Campany’s ‘a Handful of Dust’ (touring exhibition, book by MACK, 2015, 2017) He has released five monographs: SideWalk (winner of the European Publishers Award, released in Italy by Peliti Associati, 1999), No Title Here (Powerhouse, 2003), Twirl and Run (Powerhouse, 2009), Arena (TBW, 2019 – in which he approaches street photography a little differently BY taking his camera indoors) and Hardened (Morel Books, 2019). Micamera via Medardo Rosso, 19 – 20159 Milan, Italy open Wednesday to Saturday 10am-1pm // 4-7pm or by appointment ph +39 02 4548 1569 bookshop here          
POP-UP STORE @ Micamera
Nov 13 @ 19:00 – Nov 15 @ 19:00
POP-UP STORE @ Micamera
  November  13 – 14 – 15, 2019 Micamera turns 16 Celebrating with the community POP-UP STORE with TIS BOOKS, THE ICE PLANT, 10 x 10 PHOTOBOOKS, THE GOULD COLLECTION Tim Carpenter, Jenia Fridlyand, Mike Slack, Russet Lederman, Andrea Modica It’s that time of the year: our birthday again! As we are turning 16 years old, we celebrate inviting publishers and artists for an all-American pop-up store: TIS BOOKS with Tim Carpenter, who, beside being a successful artist himself, co-founded the imprint alongside Carl Wooley and Nelson Chan. Tim will present in Milan Jenia Fridlyand’s Entrance to our Valley. The NY-based publisher released the trade edition of the highly successful artist book that Fridlyand realized in 2017, when it was also shortlisted for the Aperture/Paris Photo Award. And it seems the new edition has been even more successful, as the book is marked as sold out already (we managed to save some copies for the pop-up store!) Both Tim and Jenia will be at Micamera. THE ICE PLANT is a publisher based in Los Angeles, producing artist books and other printed matter. Founded by Tricia Gabriel in 2006 and named after her grandfather’s ice factory, The Ice Plant’s publishing activity started with a title by Jason Fulford and includes publications by Tamara Shopsin and Ed Panar (who have all been exhibited at our gallery!). The Ice Plant is now guided by Tricia together with Mike Slack. Mike Slack will be in Milan, launching the new publications: Walking in Place 1: New Orleans, and Walking in Place 2: Berlin by Mike Slack, and Christmas Day, Bucks Pond Road by the above mentioned Tim Carpenter – a much-awaited title after his first successful and out-of-print monograph Local Objects (also released by The Ice Plant). Seems like the recent titles all have a walking dimension, as revealed by Mike Slack’s titles and as also Tim’s recent book is shot in a single winter morning walk.   Last but not least, Russet Lederman will also be in Milan. Russet is a writer, editor, and photobook collector who lives in New York City. She teaches art writing at the School of Visual Arts, co-edits The Gould Collection – publishing books that unite photographers with writers, and bringing to Milan the reprint edition of Saul Leiter/Paul Auster It Don’t Mean A Thing and the recent Jamie Hawkesworth/Joan Didion On Keeping A Notebook – and is a co-founder of 10×10 Photobooks – a non-profit organization with the mission to foster engagement with the global photobook community who published, among their ‘books-on-books’ anthologies, the much-acclaimed How We See: Photobooks by Women. With a special mention at the Aperture/Paris Photo Award, and all the 100 books on show at the MEP in Paris, it is the book of the moment – released 2018 and already in its third edition (and including ‘our’ Ilaria Turba’s JEST, and La Donna Barbuta by Alessandra Spranzi – two artists that have also been exhibited in our gallery)       THE PROGRAM: November 13- 7pm Pop-up store opening at Micamera All publishers and artists will be present with a selection from their catalogue and will be available to talk about their work and sign copies of the books November 14 – from 3pm to 6.30pm portfolio reviews Get a feedback on your work, book your review! Reviewers: Tim Carpenter Jenia Fridlyand Russet Lederman Mike Slack one review: 25minutes / 40€ three reviews for 90€ – email giulia@micamera.com November 15 _ 4pm_ talk at Photo Vogue Festival / BASE, Milan, Via Bergognone, 34 Women in the photobook world: from shooting to publishing, from creating awareness to collection Russet Lederman, Jenia Fridlyand and Andrea Modica        

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