Cesare Fabbri – The Flying Carpet

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The Flying Carpet
MACK 2017
book launch at Micamera on Wednesday, February 15th / 6-8pm

MACK starts 2017 with a flying carpet, the first book by Italian author Cesare Fabbri.

An enchanting collection of colour and black-and-white photographs taken in and around Cesare Fabbri’s native Emilia-Romagna and Sardinia between 2005–2015. Under Fabbri’s lens we encounter a silent world roused from its slumber, where objects are animated and personified.

Fabbri nods to the photographic practice of Luigi Ghirri, bringing to mind the Italian master’s words: the camera is a magical toy capable of bringing together the great and the small, illusion and reality, our adult awareness and the fairy-tale world of childhood.
Indeed, in The Flying Carpet, we encounter scenes that might derive from comics – a rural hut with painted questioning eyes, a plant uprooted and hovering mid-air, and an embroidered carpet lifting up in the breeze.

We are happy to announce that Cesare Fabbri will be at Micamera on Wednesday, February 15 to sign the copies of the book. Get your copy here

See you on Wednesday, February 15, 6-8pm

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