Igor Ponti – talk and booksigning

12 April 2017 @ 19:00 – 21:30
Micamera - lens based arts
Via Medardo Rosso
19, 20159 Milano

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talk and booksigning
Micamera, April 12th _ 7pm

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Swiss photographer Igor Ponti will be at Micamera to talk about two books, two different ways to deal with the Suisse landscape and identity: Looking for Identity (Hatje Cantz, 2014) and Foce (Fontana Edizioni, 2016)

In Looking for Identity, Ponti focuses on traditional and emerging identities, on a cross-canton journey—with the odd detour. He discovers expressive visual Helvetisisms and, in part in a mocking or affectionate way, points out distinctions between the cantons that nevertheless connect them in terms of culture and territory: freeways cut through picturesque landscapes, a massively carved William Tell stands by the wayside, wurst stands sell cervelat or fried sausage…

LFI_Lugano_ Ticino_2013

Lugano, Ticino. 2013


LFI_Contone_ Ticino_2011

Contone, Ticino. 2011

In Foce the author focuses on a place that is strongly limited – the mouth of the river Cassarate – in order to tell the story of an ecological reconquest.
It is a project carried out with the proper attention and calm, by regularly and continuously spending time on site. Formally speaking, Ponti pays close attention to the atmospheric colours, their temperatures, and to the nuances and the passing of the seasons. After which he synthesizes, distilling the large archive of negatives into a brief yet significant sequence contained in the book.

Foce, 2014



Foce, 2013




Looking for Identity
Texts by Pietro Bellasi, Giovanna Calvenzi
English, Italian
Hatje Cantz, 2014
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Texts by Gian Franco Ragno, Oliver Scharpf, Giovanna Masoni Brenni
English, Italian
Fontana Edizioni, 2016
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Igor Ponti  (born 1981) lives in Lugano, Switzerland; in 2013, he obtained support from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, whose aim was to promote new talents in photography. His images have been part of both personal and private exhibitions.
His first book Skate Generation was published in 2009.

The talk and booksigning will be at Micamera on Wednesday, April 12th at 7pm.
Micamera is in via Medardo Rosso, 19 in Milan.