Creativity is simple. Workshop with Gerry Johansson

5 October 2019 @ 09:45 – 6 October 2019 @ 18:30
Via Medardo Rosso
19, 20159 Milano MI
Giulia Zorzi
+39 02 4548 1569

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West Virginia, 1994

Creativity is simple
workshop with Gerry Johansson
October 5 and 6 2019, Micamera, Milan

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creative – Charles Mingus

The context. Author of over 30 monographs, Gerry Johansson is a Swedish photographer.
Known for his black and white photographs of landscapes in which human presence is absent but strongly felt  (“Everything I photograph is created by man” he says), he is the author of intensely poetic images bearing a perfect composition. A photography largely driven by intuition and organized with a strict logic and order.

In this workshop, Johansson will start walking the students through his own exhibition, showing works ranging from the street photographs of the early ’60s to the square landscapes void of human presence of the most recent works. This will give the teacher the opportunity of presenting his approach to photography, from the early attempts of reproducing famous images he had in mind (I clearly remember trying to make my own versions of ”Blind Woman” and ”Running White Fence”, famous Paul Strand pictures – he says) to developing a clear personal style.

This will give the context and an introduction for the workshop. In the afternoon, participants can either show their working material to Johansson – who will help define and strengthen each participant’s vision and purpose – or go out shooting new images around the city.

Inspiration. On the following day, Johansson will start talking  about photographs or books that inspired and influenced his interest in photography.

In the afternoon, he will continue the work with the participants’ material.

The workshop offers the opportunity to discuss with the author the selection and sequence of images and the idea that supports the work, and to ask for advice for presentation to galleries and publishers.

The aim is to help participants to connect more deeply to their own practice and to consider their work within a more expanded context. 

The workshop will take place at Micamera, bookshop that will provide the perfect context to find inspiration – and support for any practical issue, from accomodation to access to places in Milan. Please feel free to contact us.


when: Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October – from 9.45am to 6.30pm
cost: 250€ + IVA
where: Micamera, via Medardo Rosso, 19 – Milan
students: max 13
info: Giulia Zorzi / giulia@micamera.com / +39 02 4548 1569 / +39 335 6817 917

read about the exhibition here

find Gerry Johansson’s books here



Gerry Johansson is a Swedish photographer. He is known for portraying quiet small towns around the world, especially in the US, Sweden and Germany. His main goal is to demonstrate the effect people have on their surroundings and how vast cities change over time.

Born in Örebro in 1945, Johansson grew up in Varberg, on the Western coast of the country. Inspired by his father, an amateur photographer, he started making photographs when he was just 11 years old; his first pictures were of the model airplanes he built. Johansson recalls being fascinated by photographs from his father’s time studying in Germany before the war, and also remembers taking pictures, with no film in the camera, around the house with his grandmother’s broken box camera.

After finishing a degree in graphic design in 1969, Johansson worked for a photography magazine, then three years later co-founded the publishing house Fyra Förläggare AB, specialising in photography magazines and photobooks which usually featured work by Swedish documentary photographers.
This didn’t stop him from making photographs in his spare time though, and throughout his career as a designer and publisher Johansson exhibited in group shows. He self-published his first book, Fotografier, in 1980 and two years later he had his first solo exhibition at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, which now holds over 40 of his photographs in its permanent collection.

In 1985 Johansson left his publishing company to work independently, and also published his second book, Halland, which was shot exclusively in Halland country, Sweden. Since then, he has produced photobooks dedicated to several other regions in his homeland, as well as in Germany, Japan, Mongolia, and Antarctica.

He has released over 30 books. He is exhibition for the second time at Micamera (go to the exhibition here) after ‘Deutschland’ in 2012.
His website here


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