Luca Campigotto: Disoriente

17 April 2019 @ 19:00 – 21:00
Via Medardo Rosso
19, 20159 Milano MI
Giulia Zorzi
+39 02 4548 1569

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Canal Grande a Rialto, 2016


Wednesday, April 17_7pm
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Marco Polo’s syndrome has led a Venetian to undertake his journeys towards all Easts and Wests and the Disoriente (aka: getting lost), following the maps of his inner geography. Twenty-three travel stories and 115 photographs by a great photographer of anthropized environments

– Robinson, La Repubblica

Disoriente is a non-existing word, a poetic license that recalls a distance
23 stories and 115 photographs.
Travels, landscapes, memories.
From Venice to India and China, passing through Easter Island and Arizona. Glaciers, beaches, deserts.
The myth of New York and the draw to the Middle East.
Merchants, photographers-explorers, missionaries and camel drivers.
The archaeology of the Roman Empire and the archaeology of industries.
The evocative force of places.
An old broken compass, the waves of the Strait of Magellan.
The mountains of the Great War.
Lost loves and forever loves.
Passion for poetry, adventure cinema.
The sceneries of History, big cities at night, boundless nature through the images and words of a great landscape photographer.



Luca Campigotto
Postcart, 2018
288 pages, color and b/w images
text: Italian

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Luca Campigotto was born in Venice in 1962 and lives in Milan and New York City.
After earning a master’s degree in modern history with a thesis on the era of great geographical discoveries, he has specialized in the photography of landscapes and architecture linked to the theme of travel.
He has conducted research projects on Venice, Rome, Naples, London, New York, Chicago, the route of the Casbahs in Morocco, Angkor in Cambodia, the desert of Atacama in Chile, India, Patagonia, Easter Island, China, Yemen, Iceland, Iran, and Lapland.
He has always pursued an interest in writing. In 2005 the influential Italian literary magazine Nuovi Argomenti published a selection of his pictures and poetry.
His works have been exhibited at the most prestigious institutions and public and private galleries worldwide and belong to several collections.
Disoriente is his sixteenth monograph.. His website here.