Marina Caneve – Are They Rocks Or Clouds?

3 December 2019 @ 19:00 – 21:30
via Medardo Rosso
Giulia Zorzi
+39 02 4548 1569

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Tuesday December 3rd _ 7pm

FW:books + OTM, 2019
Talk by Marina Caneve and Antonio Carloni, director of Cortona On The Move. Booksigning will follow.

Nature failure is inevitable,
we can only face it.

‘‘Are They Rocks Or Clouds?’ addresses the history of hydrogeological events in the Dolomite mountains and, more broadly, how our cultural memories of such incidents are shaped. The work explores how human habitation persists in locations that have established patterns of landslides, floods, and other such possible catastrophes and therefore comprises a blend of research and archival images, texts, and recent photographs woven together to address the themes of Destruction, Protection, Experience, Representation and Resilience in areas with centuries-long cycles of human vulnerability in the face of natural disasters. The author balances information, history and visual pleasure as the reader is asked to confront the risks we take, as humans, in our effort to live comfortably while also pushing the limits of how we interact with the natural world.

– Lesley A. Martin, from The Dummy Photobook Prize, Cortona On The Move, 2018

Marina will be at Micamera on Thursday, December 3rd at 7 pm to talk about the work and sign the copies of the book.




Are They Rocks Or Clouds?
Fw:books + OTM, 2019

Saggi di:
Taco Hidde Bakker (writer and curator)
Emiliano Oddone (geologist)
Annibale Salsa (anthropologist)

Design: Hans Gremmen

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Marina Caneve (1988)

Marina Caneve is a photographer working within an interdisciplinary approach. In her work Caneve addresses the issues of vulnerability – environmental, social and cultural, and the construction of knowledge through visual arts.
In 2018 Caneve won the Premio Giovane Fotografia Italiana at Fotografia Europea with ‘Are They Rocks or Clouds?’. The dummy was nominated both for the Unseen Dummy Award and La Fàbrica –Photo London Book Dummy; in 2018, Lesley A. Martin, Aperture Foundation’s publisher, awarded her work at Cortona On The Move.
It was through this award and the collaboration with publisher Fw:Books and book designer Hans Gremmen that Caneve managed to publish the work.

In 2018 she was invited to attend the Docking Station artist residency in Amsterdam to develop the work ‘Bridges Are Beautiful’ (working title), that was published in the catalogue ‘The Shape of Water Vanishes in Water’ (A+M Editions, 2018) with VI short essays by Taco Hidde Bakker.
In 2019 she has been among the 5 winners of the Atlante Architettura Contemporanea commission by MiBAC and MUFOCO; this project aims to create a photographic archive of contemporary Italian architecture.  In 2019 she is also one of the 4 winners of the iALp commission for the Museo Nazionale della Montagna (Torino, 2019).
She teaches at the IUAV Master in Photography.

Marina Caneve is co-founder of CALAMITA/À (2013), a research platform focusing on calamities, major changes, memory and politics.  CALAMITA/Á was founded to research the tragedy of Vajont (1963) and has been collaborating with an international group of authors whose works have been published in The Walking Mountain, CALAMITA/Á (2016).

In 2018 she co-founded Osservatorio Cortina 2021 together with Gianpaolo Arena, with the contribution of Vulcano.