Micamera Photography Masterclass

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Micamera Photography Masterclass
Seeing is Believing
with Joakim Eskildsen, Hannes Wanderer, Giulia Zorzi

Micamera organizes a long term photo learning class for a limited number of students.

We have been organizing and hosting workshops for many years now. They have been the starting point for a number of works we have then seen published and exhibited, and for many collaborations. We always intended Micamera as a breeding ground for visual culture, a place where you can find books for your inspiration, meet other authors and people who share your interest in photography and art.

Now, while keping the ‘classic’ workshop structure, we felt the need to organize a long-term class, that would meet on a regular basis, allowing the students to work on their projects in between.

It will consist of 5 weekends over a period of 8 months + 5 individual, dedicated meetings, to be organized according to the students’ needs (in Milan or via Skype).

From the definition of each participant’s visual language and photographic approach, to the realization and editing of the work, from postproduction to sequencing in the book, from making the book dummy to the possibility of transforming it into a published and distributed book, the workshop at Micamera will cover all the different aspects involved in the making of a personal project.

The workshop will be led by a photographer: Joakim Eskildsen – a publisher: Hannes Wanderer (Peperoni Books) and a tutor: Giulia Zorzi (Micamera), to accompany the students all the way to the realization of a personal project.

25-26 March with Joakim Eskildsen
29-30 April with Joakim Eskildsen
3-4 June with Joakim Eskildsen
23-24 September with Joakim Eskildsen
28-29 October with Hannes Wanderer (Peperoni Books)
+ 5 individual meetings with Giulia Zorzi, to set according to your needs

where: Milano, Micamera / via Medardo Rosso, 19
language: English
how many students: maximum 13
tuition: 2000€
info: associazione@micamera.it or giulia@micamera.com
Giulia Zorzi: +39 02 4548 1569 (Micamera) or +39 335 6817 917 (mobile)



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——–Joakim Eskildsen (portrait) and an image taken in Val Trebbia in 2012


Joakim Eskildsen will teach the first 4 weekends. Eskildsen has already taught at Micamera: in 2012 he led the first edition of our summer camps along the river Trebbia.

It requires discipline to stay optimistic. I try to collect photographs of a world that I can believe in, that gives me hope and moments of magic.
– Joakim Eskildsen

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——–Joakim Eskildsen, two images from American Realities

I shoot very few images – surely much less than any person around –  though I am constantly interested in the possibilities. Slow is good for me. When I will be gone, I wish I could have left behind something testifying all what I thought was wonderful. So I concentrate on things giving me strenght. We are here, and the world is an amazing beautiful place. If we keep looking at the wonderful things in this world maybe we will save it. Love must be romantic and passionate. Without feeling, I do not wanna live, I do not wanna look at things.
(from an interview to GEO magazine)

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——–Joakim Eskildsen, two images from The Roma Journeys


Joakim Eskildsen
Joakim Eskildsen (born 1971 in Copenhagen) studied the art of producing photographic books with Jyrki Parantainen and Pentti Sammallahti at Helsinki’s Art and Design University and then went on to create various successful projects, achieving fame in 2007 with his book The Roma Journeys”, an account of his six-year journey inside the world and culture of the Roma people. The book is the result of an extensive project realized together with writer Cia Rinne and features an introduction by Gũnter Grass and a music CD.
A photographic work evoking the tradition of great photojournalism, which stands out thanks to the strong characterization of both its aims and contents.

Joakim Eskildsen has published 9 books, and 3 more are in the process:

future publications:
Home Works – (due in 2019)
Nordic Signs –  new and revised edition of the first book, published in 1995  (due in 2018)
Cuba – (due in 2017)

published books:
American Realities, book, texts by Natasha del Toro and Barbara Kiviat, Steidl Publishers, Göttingen 2016

The Roma Journeys, book, texts by Cia Rinne and Günter Grass, Steidl Publishers, Göttingen 2007 (second edition in 2009)
Orientation, exhibition catalogue, Iserlohn 2003
al-Madina, Opus 39, portfolio, in collaboration with Pentti Sammallahti, and Kristoffer Albrecht, text by Cia Rinne, Helsinki 2002

iChickenMoon, Opus 38, text by Cia Rinne, Helsinki 1999

Træer, Opus 32, portfolio, Helsinki 1997

Meknès Opus 34, portfolio, Helsinki 1997
Bluetide, Opus 33, book, text by Cia Rinne, Helsinki 1997

Nordic Signs, Opus 29, book , Helsinki 1995

for his books please see here or ask the bookseller: ordini@micamera.com

two images from Home Works

——–Joakim Eskildsen, two images from  Home Works

Eskildsen is an author who has taken up the challenge of transforming ‘ordinary’ topics into unique projects; in Home Works, the subject is his own family and his life.
His work has been widely exhibited – for his biography please visit his website.
A world I can believe in is a retrospective that presented the author’s work as a process, from the contact sheets to the work copies, exhibition prints and sketch books of seven book projects – the exhibition was hosted at the National Museum pf Photography in Copenhagen, Denmark (May 2016 – January 2016), at the FO.KU.S-Foto Kunst Stadtforum in Innsbruck, Austria (March-May 2016) and at Strandverket, Marstrand, Sweden (March-May 2016).

A world I can believe in - exhibition by Joakim Eskildsen at the National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen (details)

A world I can believe in – exhibition by Joakim Eskildsen at the National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen (details)


Peperoni Books

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(Giulia Zorzi and Hannes Wanderer in 2015, in Milan)

Hannes Wanderer is the founder and director of Peperoni Books.

When the first Peperoni Book ›Time Out‹ was published in 2004, it was not clear if further books would follow. But the feedback was that good that Hannes Wanderer – electrified by his passion for photography and well-made books – could not say no, when Stefan Canham, Marei Wenzel, Iris Czak, Henrik Spohler and others presented their excellent projects.
You won’t find exhibition catalogues or artist portfolios in the program. Instead, with Peperoni Books Hannes Wanderer continues to publish theme based photobooks.

The approach may be documentary or artistic – or both at the same time – the print run may be high or low, the text records may be long or short. But for sure all decisions regarding content, choice of materials and manufacturing are taken with great care and make every book a unique experience.
25books is Hannes Wanderer’s Berlin based bookstore dedicated to photography, where, every few weeks, a new photobook is presented accompanied by an exhibition.
Wanderer also writes the reviews for the webshop and the blog. On February 4th, 2017, he will have a talk at the Düsseldorf photo festival in which he will address very interesting issues related to the distribution and promotion of photobooks. We recommend to participate.

Hannes Wanderer was born in Hameln in 1958. His parents ran a printing press so that Hannes Wanderer was in touch with printed matter from the very start.

Hannes Wanderer (on the right) and his brother in the '60s

In 1997 he co-founded the Peperoni Advertising Agency where he was responsible for concept, text, graphic design and photography for many different customers. 2004 he founded the publishing house Peperoni Books and the first title Time Out was released – his own project. Since 2009 Hannes Wanderer also runs the photobookstore with showroom 25books as well as the associated webshop and a blog. In addition to the regular publication of photography books, all of which are printed by family printing press Wanderer, he gives lectures and workshops for Ostkreuz and the New School for Photography in Berlin, HAW Hamburg, Hartford Art School, Rodchenko School, Moscow, and at various Photobook Festivals.

His collaboration with Micamera has been the backdrop of a few already published or soon to be released books, like Tangenziale by Alex Pardi and JEST by Ilaria Turba.

Here the link to Peperoni Books
Here the link to Peperoni Books at Micamera

Giulia Zorzi (Milan, 1972)

(in the photo above)

She used to work in music, basically developing her organizational skills. In the meantime she had graduated at University in 1995 as interpreter specialized in simultaneous translation (German and English) and actually worked as a translator for some years, mainly in Switzerland. In charge of the organization for the Aterforum Festival in Ferrara from 2001 to 2006. She liked studying and graduated a second time at University (German and English Literature in 2002) while, together with Flavio Franzoni, they decided to open a photobookstore.  Micamera opened 2003 as a bookstore, became also a cultural association in 2004 and a gallery in 2006. They collaborate with international Festivals, galleries, initiatives.

Giulia Zorzi took care of the different aspects leading to the organization of exhibitions by authors like Mark Steinmetz, Michael Wolf, Todd Hido, Lucas Foglia, Gregory Halpern, Dana Lixenberg, Gus Powell, Jessica Backhaus, Gerry Johansson, Yamamoto Masao, Paul Kooiker, Melanie Pullen, Philip Jones Griffiths, Rinko Kawauchi, Paul Kranzler, huber.huber, Daniel Reuter… among Italian authors,  Guido Guidi, Ilaria Turba, Davide Monteleone, Silvia Camporesi, Pablo Chiereghin, Gaia Giani, Matteo Di Giovanni, Andrea Alessio, Lorenzo Tricoli.
For Micamera, she invites authors, publishers, designers, curators, organizing talks, portfolio reviews, and generally events that allow a cultural growth. In 2011 she started organizing the pop-up stores. She takes care of the wokshops. She supports artists in the realization of their projects in different ways.

She has also realized a few art projects for private companies. She is very proud of (almost) all the things she has accomplished, generally has more projects at the same time but still, is very responsible. She has two kids and sleeps very little.