Alessandro Tattini. 1-10, a life

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December 12, 2007 – January 26, 2008

The photographs of Alessandro Tattini are like a diary made of images. 1 and 10 are the ages of his two children; this diary is his journey with them, within them, not trying to capture a gesture or a moment, but transforming it into something deeper and more unsettling. There is no exact procedure for the realization of these photographs; looking at them, we clearly feel that the image originates from the need to protect himself fro feelings that are much too strong, from the risk to be overwhelmed by them. As if the children were such an enourmous thing that they can be almost scary, in the perception of their being frail, in their depending almost completely on us. Other times, the image originates from a sort of immobility, and is immersed in complete silence, (it is) a suspended moment. Using an extremely contemporary language, Alessandro Tattini reaches such a deep and real intimità, without space and time, that it becomes universal. The images are often accompanied by texts and then gathered in artists books, that the author considers as a fundamental part of his work, that is on exhibit together with the video.

Alessandro Tattini lives and works in Milan. Photography has become a relevant part of his life only over the last years. He recently participated to the exhibition ‘A good world’ curated by Machiel Botman for the Noorderlicht Photography Festival.

A father, a mother, a son and a daughter. The perfect family.…. Why do these photographs, despite their beauty, often breathe the sense of panic or horror? How does Tattini manage to show this beauty while, at the same time, he obviously travels in a labyrinth of the more difficult sides of our lives. There is something subtle and simply beautiful in his work, no need for his people to smile in front of the camera, but also no need to cry.

– Machiel Botman, from the text written for this exhibition

Date: December 12, 2007