Beatrice Minda – Inner World

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January 13 – February 28. 2009

Micamera presents the first Italian exhibition of Inner World, a photographic series by the German artist Beatrice Minda (born 1968 in Munich, lives and works in Berlin). Inner World is a project on the identity of Romanian people, and of how this identity is transformed and declined in their homeland and abroad. Between 2003 and 2006 the artist has travelled through Romania, France and Germany, deciding in the end to let the interiors tell the stories, in the absolute absence of their inhabitants.
My whole life is in this room – every photograph seems to say. Homesickness emanates from many pictures; homesickness for a better past, for far-away beloved .In this atmosphere the question who am I sounds – and inevitably a who are we resonates alongside. Because the individual does not exist without the collectivity and rooms are places of belonging, of identity and of its definition towards the outside world.
The project Inner World has received considerable critical acclaim and has been published in an elegant monography by Hatje Cantz in 2007
The exhibition is curated by Giulia Zorzi and Flavio Franzoni for micamera
Beatrice Minda will be present for the opening reception. www.beatriceminda.de

From January 10 to March 22 Beatrice Minda is artist in residence within the international residency program O’ AIR – www.on-o.org
The Association Pane Arte Marmellata will organize artistic laboratories with children during the exhibition. www.paneartemarmellata.it

Date: January 13, 2009