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February 26th – March 19th, 2016
KesselsKramer pop-up store

+ Friday, February 26th talk by Erik Kessels
+ workshop on Feb. 27th and 28th


Pop-up stores aim at highlighting the work of publishers that we believe are particularly significant.
KesselsKramer Publishing started 2001 as an extension of the communication agency’s restless attitude. Back then, Erik Kessels published the first book: In Almost Every Picture #1 and launched a series that had the quality of re-elaborating vernacular photography with a pop attitude and a serial approach.
On the other hand, KesselsKramer Publishing realizes a magazine called Useful Photography,  focusing on overlooked images taken for practical purposes (from the history of human targets culled from US shooting range to a series of non-celebrity achievements).
All KesselsKramer Publishing projects are initiated by the creative thinkers of KesselsKramer. Each book or magazine expresses their personal passions, whether that passion is a collection of found photographs, short stories or a celebration of unusual artworks. The projects by Erik Kessels and KesselsKramer have been widely exhibited and have always been a source of inspiration for their innovative way of presenting images, using the image in different ways, from wallpaper to object, not forgetting the framed photograph.

The talk / 26th February, 7pm
Micamera @ O’
via Pastrengo, 12 / free entrance
Storytelling with vernacular photography.
Over a period of 15 years Erik Kessels has made many books and exhibitions out of his passion for vernacular and amateur photography. In this lecture he highlighted his latest publications, exhibitions and gave an insight in collecting and editing the photographs often found online or on flea markets from all over the world.
Another subject of the lecture was the role of images in the time we live in and how you can look at these in other ways than simply consuming them.

The workshop / 27 + 28 February
A Different Kind of Image
Together with Erik Kessels we got out of our comfort zone and saw how working across different disciplines opens up new perspectives towards our work. Or even deliberately making mistakes. A two-days workshop with a man who said that Confusion and mistakes are an important part of the creative process today. A workshop tha helped students editing, presenting and communicating their work.
maximum 13 students
Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 Febrary 10am-1pm and 2-6pm

Erik Kessels
Born in 1966 in The Netherlands.  Lives and works in Amsterdam.
His days must be much longer than ours. Beside having co-founded and leading a big communication agency based in Amsterdam (KesselsKramer, since 1996) Erik Kessels is an artist – the very first exhibition of Le Bal in 2011 hosted a beautiful work by him, My Sister, and recently another very personal work, Unfinished Father, was on display at the Photography Festival in Reggio Emilia and has been nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. He is also a  curator (see Kesselskramers’ website for the list of exhibitions), a collector of books and (vernacular) photographs, a lecturer, and apparently also makes children TV programs. In 2010, Kessels was awarded with the Amsterdam Prize of the Arts and in 2012 elected as the most influential creative of The Netherlands. He has published also with other imprints: Album Beauty, Mother Nature and Unfinished Father with RVB (the latter nominated in various best-of-2015 lists), Incredibly small photobooks and Terribly awesome photobooks with Paul Kooiker and Art Paper Editions.
Among the exhibitions:
Album Beauty by Erik Kessels is a celebration of the photo album ( FOAM, 2012 – Rencontres d’Arles, 2013)
24 Hrs in Photos by Erik Kessels presents the incredible amount of images that are uploaded in one single day – printed out (FOAM, 2011/12 – Kunshalle Kiel, 2012 – CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto,  Canada, 2013 – Rencontres D’Arles, France, 2013 – Pier 24, San Francisco, USA, 2013/14 – CCCB, Barcelona, Spain, 2014 –  The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, 2014/15 – Festival Images 2014, Vevey, Switzerland)
Unfinished Father by Erik Kessels is a personal project on his own father that has been shortlisted for the  Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2016. Works by the shortlisted photographers will be exhibited at The Photographers’ Gallery from 16 April until 26 June 2016 and subsequently presented at the Deutsche Börse headquarters in Frankfurt/Eschborn

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