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a photography exhibition, a workshop, booksignings and many wonderful photo books.
from April 6 to May 7 2011
opening on May 6 at 7pm, wth a conference by Rainer Iglar, Michael Mauracher and Birgit Sattlecker

Micamera invites you to discover Fotohof, an Austrian center dedicated to photography.
Keeping an eye on contemporary Austrian scene, without forgetting international photographically based art, FOTOHOF has been established since 1981 as an “association to support fine-art photographers” and today includes Austrias largest and best sorted public library for photography, the FOTOHOF editions and the gallery, that makes it one of the most active places in Austria with wide international reputation.
Micamera will have the whole catalogue of books on display and host the exhibition by Austrian photographer Paul Kranzler, a cross-section of work from the three monographies he published with Fotohof between 2005 and 2010: Land of Milk and Honey (2005) Tom (2007) Brut (2010).

Austrian photographer Paul Kranzler (born 1979) is a storyteller.
Engaged from the very beginning in a close observation of his direct surroundings, with a socio-documentary style characterized by strong and direct lighting, and by mixing color and B/W, Paul Kranzler is a major artist who published three monographic books with Fotohof. This exhibition presents a cross-section of work from these projects.
His first acclaimed book came out in 2005; Land of Milk and Honey is story of his elderly neighbors, Toni and Aloisia, two aging alcoholics living out their days in their one-room subsidized apartment.
The second book Tom followed in 2007. Tom is an intimate portrait of a young man coming of age in his patchwork family in the rural surroundings of Upper Austria. Kranzler photographed him over a period of 2 years and the work became part of larger bodies of portraits titled Land.Jugend (Upper Austria, Bavaria) and Student Portraits (London), that reveal his incredible skill at capturing youth, expressing the rebelliousness, alienation, isolation, and joy of adolescence.
In Brut, the recently released book, Kranzler turns his lens on his own family, choosing 120 images from among the thousands he has taken of his family since 2004, and providing revealing captions about family history and the realities of everyday life. ‘In the living room my father likes to show slides he took in the States in the 1970s’, writes Kranzler. He says that the town of Traun is Austria’s equivalent to Los Angeles, and he’s not wrong’. Once again, this influential photographer creates an atmosphere in which intimate images emerge, delivering us not only an extended self-portrait but a glimpse of the middle-working-class Austrian life.

Paul Kranzler will be teaching the workshop ‘Tell me your story’ at MiCamera on May 6-7-8.

Since its foundation in 1981, the FOTOHOF in Salzburg has been an important center with widespread activities. 
A group of photographers and enthusiasts gathered and worked together to create a space for presenting and discussing art photography; this ambitious concept succeded by founding an “association to support author photographers” (Verein zur Förderung der Autorenfotografie) and because the first Gallery space was in a courtyard, the more descriptive name FOTO-HOF was created; since then, this “collective” structure has been the same and Fotohof has been working in the field of national and international art photography.
FOTOHOF is an exhibition space, a library and a publisher.
www.fotohof.at | fotohof@fotohof.at

Date: April 06, 2011