FREEDOM DAY – FEHLSTELLE and Livio Senigalliesi + guests

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9-15 November 2009

9th November 2009 will mark the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Milan celebrated this day with two public installations, on show for a week from 9th to 15th November, aimed at recalling and recreating the atmosphere and the emotions experienced in Germany during that period.

1989 Berlin Year Zero. Pictures by  photo reporter Livio Senigalliesi was on display in Via Sirtori, opposite no. 32 (Porta Venezia area), where  a symbolic section of the Wall – 49 feet long and almost 12 feet tall – was rebuilt. Senigalliesi captured images that have made history – like the very first pictures of the Stasi building – and documented a Germany that no longer exists today.

22 black and white photos that took us directly back to the Berlin of the late 1980s.

Opening event:  Monday 9th  November at 7.00pm with a  live painting performance by artist Giona Bernardi.

THE ZONE. Between the towers of Isola.
FEHLSTELLE is a collective of artists, former students of Thomas Ruff from the famous Düsseldorf art school. Here in Milan they erected two lookout towers, like those that once guarded the area surrounding the Berlin Wall. The location chosen is the  Bussa flyover as it joins the two sides of Milan that are divided by railway lines and by Porta Garibaldi train station. The setting is that of the  Isola quarter, an area that was, in that moment, an open-air construction site, undergoing a profound transformation, from a district famous for its craftsmen to a “Fashion District”. The two 31 feet tall towers illuminated the flyover with searchlights, thus recreating that feeling of menace and anxiety experienced in those years by the East Germans, while transforming the flyover itself into an open-air theatre at which other artists were invited to perform.
FEHLSTELLE are: Thyra Schmidt, Barbara Hilski, Thomas Neumann, Johannes Döring, Jürgen Staack

The opening event will take place on Tuesday 10th  November from 7.00pm – the artists performing will be:

·  SchillerWendt _ Christian Schiller and Marianne Wendt are two German artists who presented the specially-written sound installation ‘GRENZLAND’ (borderland). Two 20-minute tracks inspired by the events of summer 1989 in Hungary, on the borders of which Eastern Germans gathered hoping to cross over.Hungary eventually opened its doors to German citizens on 11th September 1989. In collaboration with Blistersound.

·  Orticanoodles _ Orticanoodles is a tag that first appeared in Milan in 2005.
The distinguishing feature of Orticanoodles is the use of the stencil technique as a new form of Graffiti Art. For this installation, Orticanoodles realized a wall painting named ‘The prison’, representing the constraint exercised on people by the Berlin Wall, creating a work on the side of one of the towers (23 x 13.5 feet). A live painting performance starting on the day of the inauguration that continued on the following days.

·  Studio Trickster (Karin Freschi, Filippo Borella) is a group of artists that focuses on the divisions between public and private, turning the social role of urban and domestic spaces upside down by experimenting with scenarios and action aimed at creating a new resistance. Geboren zum fallen/Born to fall is an action in memory of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Impenetrable, isolating, repelling, the wall is made of elastic material – it welcomes attempts at contact, giving the illusion of proximity, and then amplifies its strength in refusal, distancing, discouraging and wearing you down. Two tireless groups of people divided by the wall longing to get in contact with the other side, a reunification that will only happen after their death.

LA ZONA. Between the lookout towers at Isola is a project by  FEHLSTELLE curated by micamera / Giulia Zorzi and Flavio Franzoni, with the help of Alessandra Cosi.


Wednesday 11th  November: a conversation with  Livio Senigalliesi, Morgenpost correspondent Uta Keseling, the  FEHLSTELLE collective and  Daniele Protti, editor-in-chief of L’Europeo , the magazine that dedicated an issue to the fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany’s reunification. The event will take place at 7.00pm at Spazio Anni Luce – via Sirtori 32, followed by light refreshments.

Video documentation of all events by  Ilaria Turba / produced by Lijtu

FREEDOM DAY is a project by Milano Immagina curated by micamera. Main sponsor: Knauf, official sponsor: Ballarini.

Technical sponsorship: sixpeople.it, Bagra, DVDV Davide Vizzini Arch, The Photographers’ Room, LAB Laboratorio Arti Bovisa, Anniluce

Under the patronage of: Regione Lombardia, Camera di Commercio Italo-Germanica, Consolato Generale della Repubblica Federale di Germania – Milano, Goethe Institut Mailand

Date: November 09, 2009