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TROLLEY BOOKS on display at MiCamera. A photography exhibition, a workshop, booksignings and many wonderful photo books.A whole month dedicated to the English publisher which has been established since 2001 as a respected and important imprint, recognised for its exciting, diverse and often daring range of photography and art books, its high quality of production and design, and most of all for its commitment to the integrity of its publications.

Micamera celebrates a great photographer of Magnum Photos. Philip Jones Griffiths is renowned as the foremost photographer of the war in Viet Nam. President of Magnum for a record five years, his 1971 publication Viet Nam Inc was a crucial influence in changing public opinion in the US at the time of the conflict. Time Magazine called Vietnam Inc ‘the best work of photo-reportage of war ever published,’ and The New Statesman added, ‘Of all the hundreds of books about [the War,] this is the truest, the most important, the most upsetting.’
The exhibition Recollections presents a period much closer to home, with many previously unseen images taken of Britain in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The pictures depict social and political affairs, and landmark events over three decades of change and upheaval in Great Britain. From the Beatles in Liverpool and coalminers in Wales, to CND marches on the streets of London and funeral processions in Northern Ireland, the images are acute, human, and describe an important transition in British society, most importantly through the eye of this unique master of composition and narrative.
In 2008 the images were exhibited in Liverpool at the National Conservation Centre, as part of their ‘City of Culture’ celebrations, and in Paris during ‘Mois de la Photo’. The images were more recently exhibited at the Side Gallery, Newcastle, in April and May 2009.
Philip Jones Griffiths died on 19th March 2008. His work and archive survives through the Philip Jones Griffiths Foundation for the Study of War and Conflict, managed primarily by his two daughters, and in his books:
A Dark Odyssey (Aperture, 1996) | Viet Nam Inc (Phaidon, 2001) | Agent Orange (Trolley, 2003) | Viet Nam at Peace (Trolley, 2005) | Recollections (Trolley, 2008). The exhibition is curated by Philip Jones Griffiths.

_March 25
Preview of the exhibition Recollections by Philip Jones Griffiths. With Gigi Giannuzzi and Hannah Watson
Robin Maddock meets the public and signs copies of Our kids are going to hell.
_March 29
Alex Majoli meets the public and signs copies of Leros
_April 1
Opening of the exhibition by Philip Jones Griffiths.
On the same day, Pierpaolo Mittica will be at micamera to tell us about Chernobyl – The hidden legacy, photography book that shows the tragic consequences of the Chernobyl disaster a few days from its 24th anniversary.
_April 7
Stefano De Luigi, recently awarded for the third time by World Press Photo, meets the public and signs copies of his just released book Blanco.
_April 30-May 2
Thinking photography books
Gigi Giannuzzi and Hannah Watson teach this workshop, dedicated to the production of photographers’ books. Self-produced or realized with professional staff, the book is the final destination of a photographer’s work, conveying meaning to the project. How do we come to the realization of a book? Three days will be spent with Gigi Giannuzzi and Hannah Watson from Trolley, working on basic editing techniques and on the stages of book production through assessing and selecting images and resulting in a slide show.

Date: March 25, 2010