Pablo Chiereghin. They say I seem clever

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15 October – 22 November 2008

Born in ’77 in Italy, Pablo lives between Vienna and Trieste and seems to be a clever guy. You could say a diamond in the rough, opening with an exhibition that looks more like a retrospective: four different projects presented and a site-specific project.
His photographic style is dry humoured and ironic. Every single piece of work has a defined shape and goal that is explained in few lines, which leaves a smile that lasts onto the spectator’s lips. On the other hand, the images could exist alone for their aesthetic value.
In the work of the artist, the image is brought to life only when reading the idea that holds the conceptual bases of his projects. Starting from the title, the textual concept can be considered as a main part of Pablo’s work. He creates realities that are conceived to deliver a message and he realises performances in which the photography remains just the afterglow. This is his first solo show in Italy and micamera is proud to host him – it is not easy to find someone who seems this clever. His approach to art, which at the very least is curious, reveals conceptual dynamics that go beyond photography.

On exhibit
The Time Wasting Projects, “Politics is the Theme” Emotional metamorphosis after the Italian Elections, April 14, 2008, Picture of a Lie, Birthday Suit, Artist’s momey

Date: October 14, 2008